Sewing Club


Sewing Club meeting Thursday Oct 16

The next meeting of the sewing club for 7th and 8th graders will be Thursday, October 16. Any 6th graders who can switch to Thursdays (when we have fewer students) are encouraged to do so!
Reminders: Leave your backpacks out in the hallway during the meeting,
Stay off your phone during the meeting,
Clean up YOUR MESS before you leave!

October Sewing Club Meeting Dates
6th graders will meet:
Tuesdays, October 7 and 21.

7th & 8th graders (and any 6th graders UNABLE to attend regularly on Tuesdays or who CAN come on Thursdays because Tuesday is crowded!) will meet: Thursdays, October 2, 16, and 30.

Since there are so many kids signed up, please only attend on the correct day. There is not enough room or equipment and I can't help everyone at once! Thanks. :)

ALL STUDENTS are reminded to CLEAN UP and put away the sewing machines and all equipment properly!