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2018-2019 Middle School Athletic Handbook



Fall Athletic Forms

Athletic forms will be collected on the following dates:

June 20th 12pm to 1pm

July 10th 4pm to 7pm

July 24th 4pm to 7pm

August 1st 4pm to 7pm (Last collection date for High School)

August 29th 4pm to 7pm (Middle School Only)

All collections will take place in the nurse's office.

If a student has a physical on file in the nurse’s office and it is on or after August 10th 2017 or a physical from 2018 then ONLY the health history questionnaire from the online athletic packet will need to be submitted to the athletic trainer for medical clearance.

If a student has an allergy or asthma, the proper documentation MUST be submitted with the pre-participation physical evaluation form in order to be eligible for medical clearance. These forms can be found on the Athletics’ website, the Student Health Services website and on Schoology. Clearance will be withheld until all forms are received.

August 29th will be the last collection date that Middle School athletes can hand in forms and be guaranteed to be cleared for the first day of practice. Athletes who hand in forms after August 29th may experience a delay in clearance.

Please refer to "Letter to Parents Regarding Fall 2018" below.


Important Information for Parents Regarding Athletic Forms, Injuries, and Insurance

Students wishing to participate in athletics must submit an annual pre-participation physical evaluation form and complete the online athletic packet. The forms included in the online athletic packet are:

  1. Supplemental health history questionnaire

  2. Concussion acknowledgement form

  3. NJSIAA steroid form (High School only)

  4. Sudden cardiac death in young athletes brochure

  5. Opioid Use and Misuse Educational Fact Sheet

  6. Sports related eye injuries flyer

  7. Parent-student handbook

  8. Transportation permission slip

  9. Student's emergency information and athletic release

  10. Athletic fee

  • Students will not be allowed to practice until proof of a physical within 365 days prior to the first official starting day of that particular sport season, the online athletic packet has been completed, the confirmation slip has been submitted to the athletic trainer, and the school physician has reviewed and cleared the student to participate.

  • The pre-participation physical evaluation form must be filled out completely. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

  • If a student has an allergy or asthma, the proper documentation must be submitted with the pre-participation physical evaluation form in order to be eligible for medical clearance. These forms can be found on the athletics’ website or the student health services website.

  • All athletic forms must be handed in to the athletic trainer no later than the specified collection dates or the student may not be cleared to start on time.


  • All injuries must be reported to the coach, athletic trainer, and school nurse.

  • If an athlete visits with a physician for an injury, the athlete must provide medical documentation to the athletic trainer and school nurse. This documentation shall include the diagnosis, limitations and or recommendations, and include a return to play date. A referral form can be found on the athletics’ website to satisfy all requirements.

  • An athlete will not be cleared to return to activity until medical documentation has been received.

  • An athlete who is returning from an injury or an illness is required to participate in one practice before he or she competes interscholastically.


  • All athletes must take IMPACT before they can participate in athletics.

  • Athletes are IMPACT tested every two years.

  • If an athlete sustains a concussion, he or she will need to visit with a physician who has been trained in the evaluation and management of concussions. A concussion clearance form is required to be completed and returned to the athletic trainer. This form can be found on the athletics’ website.

  • Athletes who have been diagnosed as having a concussion must see the athletic trainer on a daily basis to fill out the post-concussion signs and symptoms check-list.

  • All athletes who sustain a concussion must be asymptomatic for seven consecutive days before completing the five day return to play protocol.


  • Athletes injured at practice or a game will immediately notify the coach, the athletic trainer, and school nurse.

  • The coach and the athletic trainer will complete an accident report within 48 hours of the injury. This report will be filed in the nurse’s office.

  • The athletic trainer will issue the athletic insurance claim form only upon the parent/guardian’s request.

  • Interscholastic sports insurance covers all athletes; this is a rider policy. All bills are first sent to the athlete’s insurance carrier and any remaining costs are then submitted to the interscholastic sports insurance.

  • It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to submit all bills to the insurance companies.